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Digital Marketing

Lots of research work, both proven and tested in recent times indicated higher returns on investments (ROI) for every penny spent on business objectives through Digital Marketing.
Crystal OyenWorld digital marketing arm has been able to support its work with both digital marketing theories and a developed model of working. In Crystal OyenWorld, we have developed a major model to assist all our clients in achieving their business objectives by constantly improving our standards through ploughing back all research findings into our model. This has enabled the Crystal OyenWorld model to give all our clients an increasing level of efficiency and effectiveness on every campaign.

Crystal OyenWorld has noticed that it is not enough to communicate with a target audience, but it is more important to know the type of content that would be sent to a particular set of customers. This concept is well covered in a model of content development strategy and implementation strategy.

Crystal OyenWorld has been able to design every project from concept to implementation. This includes the graphic creative design development.

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Search Engine Optimization

Crystal OyenWorld main objective for our clients is not just to put our clients on the search result first page, but to keep them there. For any business that wants to go digital and wants to compete only as an online sales or communications channels or as both traditional and online sales channels, such business needs to invest in Search Engine Optimization. With the fact that most potential customers searching for information to make decisions only look through the first page of a search engine result (Search engines like Google), all other information on the other pages would have been loosing a customer to other competitions. Crystal OyenWorld has therefore made it a major objective to assist our clients get to the first page of search engine result ahead of your competitors. The following are looked at to achieve this objective
• Keyword research
• Competitive research
• On-page optimization
• Content updates and layout
• Link building services
• Local Citation & Listing Services

Social Media Marketing

In the social media world, the key word is “listening”. Crystal OyenWorld understands that lots of conversation goes on in the social media arena and your customers are also part of the conversation. If you are not relating to them, your competitors will. That is why Crystal OyenWorld is ready to assist you not only in keeping your customers, but also in attracting potential customers through the social media world. Crystal OyenWorld would assist you in your unique goals, especially of awareness, increasing customer base, customer service, customer relations and potential customer attraction.

Social Media Management

At Crystal OyenWorld, we recognize not just the major Social media sites, but understand that your customers chart on different sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland, etc.. That is why Crystal OyenWorld will not only assist in managing your Facebook and Twitter account, but will assist you manage your presence across everywhere on the internet that your brands in been mentioned. We help you create and post the right content that would connect with your target audience, grow your online community, increase sales and keep with you in the mind and hearts of your customers.
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Great design begins with a solid foundation!

Crystal Oyen World approach your business needs from the perspective of a customer, employing thoughtful positioning and strategy to your brand’s identity. Each design’s need is carefully conceived and refined before the first click of a mouse.
Design has been scientifically proven to engage, excite your sense and make the colour portions of your brain come alive. Crystal Oyen World do not exaggerate about its work – we simply do the research of the best words, colours and layouts to ensure your customers get your message.
Beautifully created, inspirationally designed and crafted with passion and understanding, our design is created to push all boundaries and beyond.
From branding to brochures, websites to motion graphics, our approach is always tailored and bespoke.
Crystal Oyen World delivers world-class digital retouch to make the impossible, possible.
Crystal Oyen World gives every piece of work as a labour of love.
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